Spring Your Décor To Life

With the shining sun, flourishing greens and blooming florals it’s clear to say that Spring has definitely sprung. As the trees begin to bud and the flowers blossom in the shimmering sun, joyous tones of yellow, pinks and purples appear in colourful clusters across the land. Bringing visual beauty to the season, these tones can be incorporated into any interior for a touch of Spring all year through.

Mellow Tone Of The Morning Rays

As the morning sun shines brighter and the daylight lasts a little longer, the mellow tone of the season is set. Golden daffodils swaying in the wind, buzzing bumble bees exploring for pollen and baby chicks peeping through the hay add further pops of yellow to the Spring season.

Creating a feeling of joy and happiness, yellow is considered an energetic colour which creates a sense of excitement. Using the right shades of yellow in the right proportions within interior can refresh and make a room come to life.

The Fabric Box Collection offers a various range of yellow fabrics, perfect for your interior this Spring.


1 – Unilux Buttercup |  2 – Vitra Acid | 3 – Splash Summer | 4 – Estella Citrus

Sweet Shades Of Blossoming Pinks

Blooming cherry blossoms, azalea’s, and peach blossoms bring various shades of pink to the Spring season for us to admire. An elegant colour, pink represents harmony and inner-piece. Lighter pinks are youthful and soft, whilst vibrant pinks bring the same high energy as reds – passionate and playful, without being too aggressive.

The versatility of the pink palette makes it the perfect choice for any interior. Pops of pink can add a touch of sophistication to a room. With The Fabric Box, we include a range of pink fabrics throughout the collection, guaranteeing a colour to suit your interior needs.

Spring Your Decor To lIfe

1 – Farah Petal | 2 – Vitra Kitty | 3 – Splash Kiss | 4 – Splash Blush

Fresh Aroma Of Scented Purples

Bringing a fresh aroma to the season are the lavender blooms. As they fill the air with a relaxing scent, they too bring bursts of purple to the season.

Purple is often described as mysterious, spiritual, and imaginative. Adding purple to interior conveys a feeling of luxury. For quite some time, the colour purple has been linked to royalty and wealth making it the perfect colour to add that extra bit of richness to your home.

The Fabric Box provides a range of purple fabrics, giving that luxurious feeling to your interior effortlessly.

Spring You Decor TO Life

1 – Bella Berry | 2 – Vitra Passion | 3 – Nina Mulberry | 4 – Vitra Kink | 5 – Davina Lilac | 6 – Splash Berry 

Delicate Designs For The Floral Season

With flowers being associated with the Spring season, floral prints become a key feature in Spring trends. Certain to appear on the runway are striking florals and, in our homes an array of floral patterns and fresh bouquets.

Incorporating traces of floral pattern to your interior will create a feeling of softness, comfort, and a touch of femininity. The Fabric Box Collection embraces a range of floral prints, making them the perfect addition to your interior this Spring.


1 – Calista Citrus | 2 – Bloom Mulberry | 3 – Farah Lilac | 4 – Rosa Iris | 5 – Nina Mulberry

Beyond The Fabric Box collection

Bright, vibrant colours can be seen throughout other brands. The Alumitex range offers a selection of buoyant colours, going from your light, paler tones to your bolder, vivid tones, making it easier to find the perfect colour to add to your home this Spring and throughout the rest of the year.

Another one of our guest brands, Timberlux, offers a variety of colourful woods giving you a chance to step away from neutral colours, like browns, whites and greys and become more adventurous when changing up your interior.


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