A Taste Of Sweet Décor

The Easter season brings a touch of delicacy with notions of baby chicks taking their first steps, fluffy bunnies jumping across sunny fields and happy children rolling eggs down the steepest hills. Perfect for encompassing the tranquil beauty of the season are soft pastels and gentle designs.

As we revel in the beauty of the pastel palette we explore the humbling ability of baby blues and pinks, the naturesque feel of powdered greens and lemons and the modern elegance of duck egg and lilacs.

Precious Pinks & Blues

Visually representative of the virtuous world, baby blues and pinks create a sense of safety and joy. From little new born bundles swaddled in these precious shades, to the calming blue of the quiet sky and the rosy cheeks of a humbled mother, these tones become a visual representation of all that is pure and innocent in the world.

Paired with sweet creams and clean whites, these shades bring a sense of pure serenity to a room for a truly soothing design; as such they are well suited as a colour of choice for bedroom designs.

A taste of sweet décor

1 – Splash Blush | 2 – Nico Petal | 3 – Vitra Bambino | 4 – Calla Rose | 5 – Bella Powder

A taste of sweet décor

1 – Paloma Mineral | 2 – Seko Sky | 3 – Splash Azure | 4 – Diva Desire | 5 – Fleur Mineral | 6 – Splash Eton | 7 – Rosa Mineral 

Powdered Greens & Lemons

Soft greens and lemons add a touch of muted zest for a restful yet refreshing design. Composed from a mix of calming blue and invigorating yellow, the colour green identifies as one which creates a feeling of harmony and stability. Emphasizing the sensation of balance and restoration, pastel greens work well in a design to create a retreat-like atmosphere and are perfect for use in bedroom and living room décor.

A taste of sweet décor

2 – Vella Apple

A taste of sweet décor

3 – Nico Willow

A taste of sweet décor

4 – Perola Willow

Light yellows, on the other hand stimulate the mind by adding a touch of sunshine and an energetic feel. The awakening ability of these shades, coupled with their versatility in decorative design makes them a great choice of colour for kitchens and dining rooms; paired with whites and natural linens or woods gives prominence to the creamy undertones for a naturally muted look whilst accentuating with orange, turquoise, teals or limes adds a touch of quirk for a lively design.

A taste of sweet décor

1 – Seko Olive | 2 – Vella Lemon | 3 – Splash Mellow

Luxurious Lilacs & Duck Eggs

Soft lilacs and duck eggs provide pastel shades with a versatile and modern edge. Delicate and elegant, they add softness and a sense of luxury to any interior.

Created from a mix of serene blue and romantic red, purples are considered a feminine colour with a stress-free and calming touch. Pastel purples such as lilacs enhance the colour’s attributes, and when paired with silver metallic create a sophisticated design full of grace.

A taste of sweet décor

1 – Nina Mulberry | 2 – Rosa Iris | 3 – Fleur Iris | 4 – Farah Lilac | 5 – Harper Grape | 6 – Vitra Violet | 7 – Bella Venus

Similarly, duck egg tones add a rich touch to a design and, as a colour which sits on the edge of blue and green, can be mixed with a variety of colours to create a naturally tranquil atmosphere. Whether used as the main colour in a design or as an accent tone, it transforms and draw attentions. As a soothing colour, duck egg is a great choice for bedroom and bathroom designs.

A taste of sweet décor

1 – Farah Duck Egg | 2 – Vella Aqua | 3 – Harper Duck Egg | 4 – Nina Duck Egg | 5 – Bella Tiffany | 6 – Paloma Duck Egg

Beyond The Fabric Box collection

Alumitex Logo

Celebrating the serenity of the pastel palette the Alumitex brand hosts a collection of chalky aluminium’s for a venetian blind with a difference. From cool blues, muted pinks and dusky purples to sandy yellows and powdered greens, the collection can be incorporated seamlessly into any design to achieve a dreamy look.

A taste of sweet décor

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