Refresh With Spring Greenery

Breathing new life into the world around us with the reviving splash of the Spring showers, the lengthening of the sunshine hours and the fresh scent of blooming flowers, Spring brings a season of joy for nature’s natural green.

As the birds begin to chirp, new-born lambs fill the fields and the land awakens with fruitful freshness, now is the perfect time to embrace the greenery. As the colour of the year chosen by Pantone, the colour experts, Greenery represents rejuvenation and is the perfect choice for celebrating the season of life. As described by Pantone, Greenery is a shade that…

evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.

Fresh new beginnings

Enlightening and bright, this invigorating shade brings the freshness of the great outdoors inside. Incorporating this tone into a room design creates a thriving environment which celebrates the beauty of the natural world. With similarities to The Fabric Box branding, this lively green is a personal favourite. Vitally expressive, the tone is embraced throughout The Fabric Box collection and is perfect for the those seeking an energetic touch.

Incorporated into a neutral or monochrome design, this shade takes centre stage and beautifully defines a design. Alternatively, when paired with lively pinks and yellows the combination adds a hint of fresh sweetness for further injection of life.

Refresh with Spring greenery

1 – Vitra Envy | 2 – Bella Vine | 3 – Unilux Lime | 4 – Unicolour Lime | 5 – Staten Lime | 6 – Splash Grama | 7 – Reflection Olivine | 8 – Lola Calypso

Flourishing Foliage

Nourishing the earth, the Spring showers revitalise the growth of the earth’s green and, as the outdoors begin to flourish, earthy greens rise in popularity.

Inspired by Spring foliage, The Fabric Box collection includes a range of earthy plains, textures and prints. Merging earthy green tones with floral leaf designs, illustrative prints are included within the collection to bring the Spring bloom indoors.

Refresh with Spring greenery

1 – Bella Kiwi | 2 – Othello Spruce | 3 – Seko Olive | 4 – Bloom Pesto | 5 – Splash Kiwi

Glisten Of The Shimmering Sun

As the Spring brings a hint of the summer sun, the greens of the land gleam and glisten. Resembling this beauty with a sweet yellow tint are various citrus shades, which bring a zest of life to a room and depict the fruitful bursts of Spring.

The Fabric Box collection hosts a range of citrus tones which can be used to actively accentuate a design when mixed with muted greys and whites. Perfectly combining such a scheme with signified stripes is Lola Twist, which is the perfect addition for those seeking a modern and vibrant design. For the lover of florals, Calista Citrus offers the perfect embodiment of Spring with its combination of the delicate dandelion and the vibrant seasonal tones.

Refresh with Spring greenery

1 – Treviso Citrine | 2 – Vitra Zest | 3 – Calista Citrus | 4 – Lola Twist | 5 – Estella Citrus

Beyond The Fabric Box collection

Inspired by nature, the Alumitex and Timberlux collections incorporate Earth’s natural green to bring a touch of vitality to the ranges they offer. Citrine from the Alumitex collection of aluminium venetians offers a vivid tone which can be incorporated into a neutral room for a lively accent. Similarly, Envy from the Timberlux Mode collection merges bright green with beautiful basswood for a true touch of natural refreshment.

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