Enlighten Your Emotions

As we spring into Summer we look forward to rested minds, upbeat emotions, and memorable experiences in the Summer sun. With calm blue skies, sunlit walks, and an air of optimism the Summer season brings a spell of happiness and content.

Beyond the seasonal elements, the interior of your home can be designed to evoke positive thoughts and motivate the mind with the use of certain colours and designs. So, which colours and patterns should you consider?

Radiant Tones

Different colours bring a different sense of positivity whether this be invoking enthusiasm, stimulating the senses, conjuring creativity or meditating the mind. With different effects on the body, mind and spirit, choosing the right colour for you depends on what emotive effect you would like your room to have. Those associated with harmony and bliss include yellow, green, pink and blue.

As the most uplifting colour, yellow communicates happiness and joy. The same colour as the sun, yellow injects energy and provides mental stimulation. It is associated with promoting intelligence and inciting memory. The optimism it conveys makes it a welcoming colour choice perfect for hallways, kitchens and dining rooms.
For a colour with the ability to mediate the mind, green tones are the perfect option. Representing nature, green helps us to relax and unwind whilst motivating our sense of optimism; as a colour associated with nature it encourages us to look forward to fresh new beginnings. With its stress alleviating ability and capacity to restore balance, green is an optimal colour choice for a living room.

Offering tranquillity are shades of pinks and blues. Soothing, these colours relax the muscles with blue hues being the ultimate choice for a calming design. Softer shades of blue promote a clear mind, slow the heart rate and bring the blood pressure down, offering a truly serene effect. These tones make great options for a relaxing bedroom or bathroom design.

Enlighten Your Emotions

1 – Estella Citrus | 2 – Unilux Lime | 3 – Splash Blush | 4 – Medina Petrol

Positive Patterns

In addition to colour, pattern can be incorporated through home accessories to enrich the emotive effect of your chosen colour scheme. Fabric designs on throws, pillows, rugs and window dressings appeal to the eye and, those which symbolise growth and peace combine with chosen colour schemes for a positively holistic room design. They also add a unique touch to a room for a design that is truly yours.

Perfect patterns for an interior aimed at elating joyfulness are those with an element of nature; bringing a touch of nature indoors reminds us of the splendour of the Earth and grounds our thoughts, enabling us to reflect on the simple pleasures of life. Delicate and delightful, butterflies and flowers are the perfect source of inspiration for such designs.

Enlighten Your Emotions

Blending the still beauty of the butterfly with tranquil tones is Aporia from The Fabric Box collection. Adding a flutter of hope to a room, Aporia incorporates a dainty design with soft shades of pink and blue for a window dressing that completes a gentle room design.

Alternatively, inspired by Earth’s symbolic hope, Calista from The Fabric Box uses a wishful dandelion design for a window dressing that motivates the mind and inspires the spirit. Available in a variety of colours, Calista offers added refreshment with the citrus tones of Calista Citrus or mediating stability with the cool blue tones of Calista Marina and Calista Mineral.

With the popularity of florals and butterflies, such enlightening and calming interiors are easy to create. Take a look at our room creations below for some inspiration:

Enlighten Your Emotions

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