Add A Little Texture

With a nip of frost in the air and the crisp sound of leaves beneath our feet, our senses tell us it’s time to wrap up warm. Furs, knits and wools fill our wardrobes and we begin to layer up, bracing ourselves for the cold elements ahead.

Seeking visual warmth, winter statements such as ‘you look cosy’ can be heard in the chatter among friends. Whilst seasonal changes form the basis of our fashion choices, it’s time to reflect on how we can warm up our psyche with texture in the home!

More than just a finishing touch

Textures are often the finishing touch to a design and are used to achieve a desired effect, whether this be rustic nature or modern elegance. Aside from enhancing a design, the addition of textures and layers create psychological warmth; without them a room can feel lifeless, dull and empty. Layering smooth suedes, soft wools, shiny silks and natural woods add dimension, character, comfort and warmth.

Smooth velvets & faux suedes

Enhancing an elegant design, soft touch fabrics such as velvets and faux suedes add depth and luxury. Not only warm to touch, they also add visual warmth with a two tone illusion as the fabric moves. Integrated throughout interior design, these fabrics are used to form various furnishings and accessories from throws and cushions to sofas and window dressings. Paloma, from The Fabric Box collection softly accentuates a window display with its faux suede texture. Available in a range of pastel shades, Paloma epitomises luxury.

Shimmery silks & modern metals

Light reflection in a room extenuates space and adds intricacy. Mirrored tables are often used to reflect light in small spaces whilst chrome lamps and silky fabrics are used to modernise and add grandeur to a design. Modern metallics such as copper, rose gold and brushed gold have added warmth due to the colour they bring to a room. Beautifully combining shimmer and warmth is The Fabric Box collection with the use of neutral beiges, deep browns and warm sepia tones; Alessi Porcelain and Legacy Stone utilise subtle threads of faux silk for a warm glistening design.

Shimmer and texture can also be added through a mix of metals. The Alumitex range of aluminium’s provide a combination of textures and colours; from matted metals to smooth shiny metals and even textured metals. Jazz, Latino and Mocca combine reflective metals with tepid tones whilst Persia and Cerise offer matted flamboyance. For a unique touch Beryl adds rich texture whilst Pulse and Glam gleam with shine.

Soft wools & warm woods

Woven wools, basket weaves and rich woods create an artisanal vibe. With the natural essence of these materials they combine to tell a story; shaggy cushions, plush rugs, storage baskets and knitted throws pull together for a cosy calming atmosphere. Key to accomplishing this look is the idea of layering; textures should be fused and incorporated together throughout the entire space of a room.

The Fabric Box collection incorporates soft woven fabrics along with complex weaves; Devon and Henlow add subtle texture whilst the strong weaves of Costello, Marlow and Tiber create a more ornate feel. Following a traditional colour palette are Costello Stone, Devon Chocolate and Tiber Chocolate. These can be finished with wood for maximum effect; the Timberlux collection of wooden venetians offer various choices for the perfect finish to a fabric blind.

As an alternative, wooden venetians can be used to enhance a hearty design; Matumi and Caroba from the Timberlux collection add two-toned drama whilst Auburn, Fired Walnut and Hazel from the Sunwood collection enhance a homely design.

Functional textures

Texture not only adds warmth and character it can also be used to enhance the functionality of an environment. Leather sofas are strong, durable and offer great resistance against stains. Not only that, but they are also stylish! Providing functional texture is The Fabric Box Collection of PVC fabrics; the popular Staten combines style and practicality with its easicare properties, making it the perfect addition to a flawless, clean design.

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