For The Love Of Metallic

The metallic trend has been a prominent feature this year with metal infusions throughout the home décor, fashion and beauty industries. Bronze, rose gold and golds are featured additions to last year’s copper craze and with the glamour, beauty and warmth of these tones the trend is set to continue into 2017!

From metal infused wallpaper and window dressings to shimmering furniture and accessories, metallics are dazzling the home in a variety of ways. Stark silvers, warm coppers and rich golds mean metallics can be perfectly intertwined into any colour scheme. Not only versatile in terms of colour, metallics offer flexibility in effect with an array of textures from warmly brushed to light-reflectively smooth. As a result they can be used to achieve any desired look

Softly Relaxed

Serene and relaxing, soft pastels can be fused with metallics for a mind-soothing design. Cool tones offer a lightweight and airy feel whilst warm metals combine perfectly for a soothing effect. Creating harmony between warm tones and cool hues was Pantone colours of the year Rose Quartz and Serenity; as such these tones have been incorporated into many designs this year.

Merging metallics with pastels to complete a peaceful design is Nina from The Fabric Box collection – available in beautiful duck egg and mulberry, Nina combines a whispy design with pretty pastels and shimmering silver for ultimate relaxation. Also offering these tones in an aluminium venetian is Quartz blue and Quartz red from the Alumitex collection.

Glamourously Vintage

Timeless and elegant, vintage designs are sought for ultimate glamour. Soft furs, pearly whites, swirly patterns and muted metals combine to achieve a glamorously vintage look. Beautifully combing these elements are Grace and Albany from The Fabric Box collection. Grace adds luxury with a baroque floral design in glimmering metallic and Albany adds elegance with brushed metallic swirls. Also offering luxurious metallics is the Alumitex range of aluminiums; Rapture glisten adds a gleaming silver texture whilst Lustre adds a warm glittering gold.

Eccentrically Bold

Edgy and charismatic, metallics can be combined with bold bright designs for uncontrived individualism. Sheer golds and silvers can be paired with cobalt blues, rich reds, moody purples, florescent pinks and lime greens for a unique touch. Utilising distinct metallic patterns, The Fabric Box collection provides a range of daring designs – Satina Crimson with a wild silver leaf on a bright red base, Reflection Olivine with a silver berry on a striking green base and Treviso Cobalt with an enchanting blue forest on a gleaming metallic base.

Sharpishly Modern

Metallics are the perfect addition for those aiming for a chic modern design. Subtle hints of gold and copper amidst a neutral colour palette can be used to create warm sophistication whilst silver or coloured metallics can be added to a monochrome design for a sharp and minimal look.

Perfectly suited for completing a modern design is Midas and Metz from The Fabric Box collection. Midas utilises a distinct horizontal stripe infused with metallic tones whilst Metz adds a touch of drama with a leather-look metallic sheen.

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