Away with Autumn

Autumn brings excitement and variance to the colours we see in our natural surroundings. Leaves turn from deep shades of green to warm tones of yellow and orange and agriculture brings pops of yellows, purples and reds as berries sprout and cornfields become ready to harvest. As the cold temperatures set in, neutral shades of browns and beige appear as the trees shed their leaves in preparation for the dry winter air and wools and knits appear in flocks.

These environmental changes largely determine the Autumnal colour scheme and such colours are referred to as the Autumn Classics. Year by year the palette is spruced up with additional colours depending on trending fashions, interior movements and the voice of leaders in the world of colour. This Autumn we see the addition of teal, burnt orange and mustard yellow alongside moody tones of deeps blues and steely greys.

Autumn Classics

The Autumn classics provide depth to the realm of interiors, with not only different tones being set with the vast range of colours, but also with the wide range of seasonal textures. Reds, yellows and oranges can be used to bring Autumnal warmth and confidence whilst browns, greens and beiges alongside woven wools can be used to bring a sense of rustic nature to the indoors.


The Fabric Box has been inspired by the seasons with Autumnal tones across the collection. Splash Ruby, Bella Summer, Bella Vine and Unicolour Sienna add a hint of Autumn freshness.

Earthier tones within the collection include Treviso Ecru with Autumn branches amidst a neutral base, Costello Stone inspired by the luxury of hand woven wool, Monza Mocha with a dark grainy texture and Tiber Chocolate with a chunky basket weave.

To enhance the natural look, a wood trimming can be used to eloquently seal a blind. Santa Fe Eggshell softens a textured blind, Timberlux Wenge adds a gentle rustic touch, Santa Fe Hessain provides a silky smooth finish and Origin Orali with its deep grain enriches a naturistic design. The special blind finishes are available to view in The Fabric Box Accessories Brochure.

Teal, burnt orange and mustard yellow

This Autumn, Pantone’s new Spicy Mustard has been introduced to add a splash of vibrancy and exotic flair to the Autumn palette. Hitting the runways during Fall Fashion Week 2016, Spicy Mustard, alongside Pantone’s Potter’s Clay, was included in the collections of fashion forward designers including Valentino, Gucci, Stella McCartney, Akris and Tom Ford. Bursts of teal were paired with these shades to further add exuberance.

Adding a sense of fun, these colours can be used to express personality, and extending into home décor, can add liveliness to a room. Within The Fabric Box collection, ranges which can be used to achieve this include Splash Cinnabar, Vitra Teal, Estella Citrus and Nera Teal.

Moody midnights and steely greys

The dark, moody nights of Autumn inspire the addition of deep blues and steely greys to the colour palette of Fall 2016. Pantone’s new Sharkskin grey adds an edgy neutral shade whilst their new blue shades Riverside and Airy Blue create a sense of cooling calm. Within interior design pale blues create a clean, crisp and invigorating effect whilst elegance and sophistication can be gained through the use of deeper blues and greys. These colours are versatile and can either be used as a statement colour within a room, or as an accent.

Window dressings can be used to accentuate the tones in a room and this Autumn the Fabric Box provides the designs required to achieve the tranquil Autumnal look: Bella Regatta for a soft finish, Seko Sky or Othello Insignia for a distinct pattern and Aria Pacific for some added texture.

To achieve a more sophisticated look Satina Petrol brings a touch of sparkle with a glistening metallic leaf, Bella Rock provides a deep matted finish and Treviso Shadow adds enchantment with a bold forest design.

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