Time to Re-Fresher

Returning to university or starting afresh can be daunting after a long summer off, to help get yourself in the correct state of mind, it is important to live in an environment which will fuel productivity. You may not be able to renovate student accommodation; but you can still make the space your own!

Whether you live alone or with friends there is one space you can mark with your personality – your bedroom! We start and end every day in our bedroom and we’re all too aware of how sleep (or lack of) can affect our mood/productivity throughout the day!

So, ditch the grubby bed sheets and dated desk and introduce some features to make you mark, here are some simple tips to spruce up your student accommodation:

Sweet Dreams

Create a luxurious feel with fresh bed linen, layer multiple tones and textures to bring the room together as the ultimate student pad! Your bed is essentially going to be your sofa so be sure to invest in quality scatter cushions and throws to brighten it up.

Comfortable Furniture

You will need somewhere to sit while typing up assignments, an accent chair will not only be comfortable but will add a focal point to your space. Pastel shades of velvet will offer a feminine touch, or a leather lounger will add a more masculine feel.

Window Dressing

Create a feminine feel using the Fabric Box Avoca for a hint of glamour with the metallic berry or add a touch of colour with ‘Bella Bossa. Create your own man cave with ‘Addict Terrazzo for a sophisticated urban design, or simply update with neutral tones from the Fabric Box range, which will allow you change up your accessories throughout the year.

Practical Storage

Lack of productivity is caused by clutter, shelving units such as Ikea’s Kallax collection, will provide space for all textbooks. Accessorise the unit with artificial plants to inject a touch of nature!


Decorative folders and boxes which complement your room will allow you to bring all the necessities from home without creating clutter.

Whatever your style, wake up in a bright, well decorated room that preludes your personality and you will be surprised at how much more you’ll be able to accomplish!