The Duck Egg Debate

Is it Duck Egg Blue or Duck Egg Green – or somewhere in between?

The colour duck egg has long since stood the test of time, in recent years it has taken a back seat in interior trends, while vibrant tones such as fuchsia, limes and citrus’s, have been the dominated.

Now with the resurgence of pastel tones, which have been muted and mixed with soft grey tones and neutrals, duck egg is again taking centre stage for interior design. However, the question remains – is Duck a blue tone or a green tone?

Farah Duck Egg

Harper Duck Egg

Paloma Duck Egg

Colour perception is more complex that initially thought, how one colour is viewed is dependent on different aspects, what other colours surround the base colour and believe it or not someone’s age can affect colour perception, the vibrancy and tone of colour does change as we get older. So what looks more vibrant a colour to one person will look duller to someone older.

So back to the question: Blue or green? Essentially it does depend on the colours make up, if more blue or green has been added so in conclusion and after much debate the only consensus that can be reached, that Duck Egg can be described as “A pale greenish blue colour“.