Embrace The Winter Blues

This season winter blues are being beautifully intertwined into the home and embraced as uplifting tones for the winter season. Distracting from the gloom of winter, blues are being used to soothe the mind, add sophistication, and generally enlighten a design. With various shades from deep navys to bright cobalts, winter blues can be combined into various colour palettes for the design of your dreams.

Simple serenity with deep blues

Deep blues offer muted sophistication and provokes the mind with tones reminiscent of the ocean. It’s tranquillity offers a beautiful base to incorporate into any interior, and can be built upon to add depth. Combined with metallic creates an elegantly shimmering design and when paired with cool whites, creates harmonious peace.

The Fabric Box collection contains a number of options for those seeking such a design; deep dark navy combine with deep royal blues to ensure a vast offering of these tones. Not only does the The Fabric Box collection meet demands with colour offerings, it also brings a touch of the unique. Napa Lucia, Aria Pacific and Medina Petrol offer a textured option, Satina petrol adds a metallic infusion and Kensley Sky adds a touch of modern peace with a white base and navy stripe. Added purity can also be gained with a white wood Timberlux finish.


Fresh and dreamy with cool blues

Perfect for a daydreamer’s colour palette, cool blues offer a delicate tone with connotations of the sky above. Offering a range of cool blues, The Fabric Box mix coloured plains with textured options to ensure ultimate choice.

Quiet and soothing, cool blues can also be incorporated with pensive patterns for a tranquil design that calms the mind. Rosa Mineral from The Fabric Box collection utilises soft florals for added delicacy whilst light feathers are used to create an airy design with Sephora Sky. Glistening in the collection is Diva Desire which utilises a curvy metallic print for a touch of fresh luxury


Distinctively different with electric blues

Dramatic and dazzling, electric blues can be used to create a colourfully energising design. For those who love a bit of vitality and drama, cobalt blues are the perfect addition for creating a bright and edgy interior. When mixed with graphic patterns and unique colour combinations the enthusiasm of these tones is enhanced.

Eye-catchingly popping Treviso Cobalt and Lola Boston stand out within The Fabric Box collection; Treviso Cobalt merges cobalt blue with silver metallic for an electrifying design whilst Lola Boston fuses cobalt blue stripes with white, navy and cool blue hues for something distinctively different.


Beyond The Fabric Box collection

As a colour of consistency in the world around us, blues are embraced by various brands. The versatility of the colour palette means there is a hue for everyone; cool blues are perfect for the calm and collected; deep blues are ideal for those seeking modern tranquillity; and, bright electric blues sharpen a design for the eccentrically different. Alike to The Fabric Box, our guest brands Alumitex and Timberlux contain a selection of blue tones within their collections.

Sitting within the Timberlux Mode collection of brightly coloured wood venetians is the vivid electric blue, whilst 12 shades of blue sit within the Alumitex range of aluminium blinds; bright blues are placed between deeper blues and pastel shades with fusions of metallic shimmer, brushed texture and distinctive stripes. The collection offers something a little different for those seeking a venetian blind option and is perfect for those sharing in our love of the winter blues!

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