Block-out Doesn’t Mean Dreary

We love when the sun comes out! It’s the only excuse we need to set the barbeque up, whip the paddling pool out and relax in the Summer sun with friends, absorbing the sun with an ice-cold drink in hand. The only downfall? The bright Summer nights make sleeping a little tricky!

A simple solution to this problem is the addition of block-out blinds to your windows! With 174 block-out fabrics The Fabric Box not only helps to get the kids to bed at their usual hour, our block-out range is also useful to you if you work night shifts and sleep during the day, want to retain your Winter sleeping pattern or simply just want to have an afternoon Summer siesta.

Simple ZZZ’s

Sleep time is the most important time of the day. The night time hours are where the mind relaxes and our bodies rejuvenate, keeping us energised and content. Maximising a great night’s sleep is the effects of a dark environment as it sends signals to the body that it is time to rest. Without it, this can interfere with both the quantity and quality of sleep.

Not only providing a dark environment, block-out blinds block the Sun’s rays from causing a room to overheat. This helps to maintain a comfortable room temperature and in the warmer Summer month’s preventing the home from getting too warm benefits our bodies as well as our electricity bills!

Blockout does not mean dreary

1 – Allegra Grape | 2 –  Allegra Pewter | 3 – Vitra Bambino | 4 – Unilux Lilac | 5 – Rosa Mineral | 6 – Rosa Iris | 7 – Rosa Calico | 8 – Unilux Powder Blue

Sweet Dreams

A rested mind is a must for everyone and as such block-out blinds are beneficial to all, but where they come in extra beneficial is for parents with babies and young children; requiring more hours of sleep than adults, babies need extra time to dream during the day to ensure they grow and develop healthy and happy. Block-out blinds allow babies to receive a more peaceful and happy sleep in complete darkness, during the day.

With our range of block-out blinds, there are many soft colours to choose from that would be suitable for your baby to experience the best possible sleep. Soft colours such as baby pinks and blues are peaceful, calm and gentle. Baby blue helps calm your mind, slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure while baby pink promotes peace and tranquility, promoting a healthy and relaxing sleeping.

Also included in The Fabric Box collection is our Unilux range which has easicare technology; this means the blinds can be cleaned with just the wipe of one damp cloth, making keeping your baby’s room clean and dust-free easy.

Midsummer Night Movies

Block out blinds aren’t just for the bedroom, you can turn your living room into a home cinema even when the sun is still shining. Who said movie nights are best on a dark Winter’s night? With our block-out blinds, you can create a mellow and peaceful atmosphere, switch on a movie and wind the kids down just before bed time.

Be inspired by trending colours this summer and choose bold and daring tones such as Bella Cinnabar or Bella Scarlett. With these colours, you can still have that bright and cheerful interior whilst creating a feel of cosy serenity.


1 – Vitra Action | 2 – Bella Cinnabar | 3 – Bella Scarlett | 4 – Unilux Marine | 5 – Unilux Lava

Block-out Doesn’t Mean Dreary

Block-out blinds are often perceived as being dull and boring, but as you can see this isn’t the case! Colour plays a huge part in our lives without us even being aware; we are surrounded by many different tones which subtly alter our emotions, whether these be neutral shades, soft pastels or bold brights.

Colour is a great way of expressing yourself either by the clothes you wear, or by the colours you decorate your house in. By adding colour to your interior décor, it is a great way to add personality.

The Fabric Box collection offers a range of different block-out fabrics in an array of colour, design and texture. The Bella and Vitra range will allow you to add a pop of colour to any room with over 60 colours to choose from there is sure to be something to suit any interior décor. With all this choice, you can have a bright and cheerful bedroom whilst gaining the benefits of blocking out the sun.


1 – Bella Summer | 2 – Bella Kiss | 3 – Vitra Marina | 4 – Vitra Pout | 5 – Bella Berry

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