A Touch Of Muted Grey

A worldly tone, grey resembles everything stable in the natural environment; the sturdiness of the Rocky Mountains, the longevity of the ancient monuments, the quiet calm of the midnight sky and the unobtrusive humbleness of the wild elephant. Timeless and dependable yet modern and sophisticated, grey offers a colour of contemplation and elegance.

The Perfect Partner

Popular within interiors, grey as a muted tone combines well with other colours. Its solid strength adds an extra dimension to other palettes, transforming the look and feel of a design; with a sense of calm it balances vivid brights, with an air of sophistication it adds maturity to pretty pastels and, when mixed with black and white, completes a monochrome look.

Muted Grey

1 – Mezza Gris | 2 – Allegra Charcoal | 3 – Sephora Steel | 4 – Rosa Mineral | 5 – Aporia | 6 – Calista Ash | 7 – Lola Twist

With a variety of tones and shades, each hue brings a different element to a design; deep charcoal greys add warmth, cool blue greys add delicacy and, light and warm yellow greys create an earthy feel. The Fabric Box collection of grey’s cover a range of tones, textures and patterns for easy styling into any interior.

1 – Devon Shadow | 2 – Splash Aspen | 3 – Legacy Thunder | 4 – Henlow Shadow | 5 – Seko Graphite | 6 – Splash Pebble | 7 – Unicolour Dove | 8 – Bella Slate

A Classic Combination

As well as pairing with other colours, the layering of greys can create a graded spectrum and adds depth to a design without having to introduce a lot of colour. Making a space feel calm and coordinated, a grey combination allows for a design full of detail and texture as a variety of shades and finishes are worked throughout the room. Whether the tones be a contrasting light to dark or a selection of tones that vary only slightly, the mixing of greys makes for a rich harmonious look.

Layering greys with a classic stripe are Lola Passo and Harper Ash from the Fabric Box collection.

Muted Greys

1 – Harper Ash | 2 – Lola Passo | 3 – Rosa Shadow

Popular & Versatile

As the perfect neutral, grey is a popular go-to shade in the world of interior design. It is a colour which perfectly fits into any room, creates any desired mood and suits any personality; from the quiet traditionalist to the classically sophisticated, the modern minimalist and the eclectically edgy.

Increasing its popularity is the materials used in contemporary design; with their natural tones, materials such as stainless steels, concrete and glass ooze modernity and work well with greys for a modern design. Merging contemporary metallic with greys is Reflection Silver, Treviso Shadow, Midas Shadow, Nina Shadow and Satina Graphite from the Fabric Box collection.

Muted Grey

Functionally Appealing

Classically appealing, grey as a neutral colour can be used in any environment and is often a popular colour choice for the kitchen due to its practicality. With a range of easicare fabrics, the Fabric Box collection caters for functional colour; Staten Granite offers a textured PVC option, Toro Pewter offers a leather look design and Metz Shadow offers a two tone metallic print.

1 – Toro Pewter | 2 – Metz Shadow | 3 – Staten Granite

Beyond The Fabric Box collection

Muted Grey

The popularity of grey extends across the industry with various brands availing of grey’s popular palette. Skye roof blinds offer a selection of greys for effective styling of roof windows; the range utilises its own readymade fabrics in addition to offering bespoke choice using fabrics from The Fabric Box collection.

Offering a grey wood venetian option are the Sunwood and Timberlux collections; as well as a range of grey tones to choose from both collections also offer a range of grey accessories. A functional choice, Sunwood Fauxwood incorporates grey into its collection for a wood look suitable for moist environments.

PVC verticals and aluminium venetians also provide a functional choice of window dressing. Fusing practicality and style is the Durashade range of rigid PVC vertical blinds and the Alumitex range of contemporary aluminium venetians; both collections provide a selection of grey options with added texture and design.

Muted Grey

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