A,B,C…Easy as Easicare

Messy baking, kids splish-splashing and lovable pets shedding their fur coats are just a few things which make household chores that little bit more exhausting. Necessities in any household with children or pets are leather sofas, wooden floors, playmats and glass kitchen toppers. Easy to clean, these additions offer protection to the décor of our much-loved homes. But what about the best kept secret? Easicare blinds!

Easicare blinds are a great addition to any hectic household. Particularly beneficial for the kitchen, bathroom and the kids main play area, easicare blinds complete a functional home.

Blissful Tastings

Gleaming eyes and happy taste buds make cooking and baking a rewarding process. Our least favourite thing? The cleaning!

Cooking up your favourite meal or baking cookies with the kids is fun and exciting, but also quite hectic. Flour flying everywhere, cookie dough up the walls, and that tomato sauce still lying on the floor from yesterday’s spag bol. We are all guilty!

It’s pretty difficult to keep up with the cleaning in the kitchen, especially when it’s the most used room in the house. Not only messy from our food ventures, the kids running in and through the patio doors leaves a trail of muck across the floor, up the door and over the louvres. Oh, the stress!

Making the post-bake clean up a little less strenuous is easicare blinds. Moisture resistant you can cook up a storm without worrying about the steam warping your window coverings or leaving a lasting odour. What’s more, any mishaps can simply be wiped away!

easy as easicare

1 – Unilux Butter | 2 – Unilux Powder Blue |  3 – Unilux Topaz | 4 – Unilux Buttercup | 5 – Unilux Lilac | 6 – Unilux Surf | 7 – Metz Ivory | 8 – Samba Oyster

Time To Play

Another area the kids love causing chaos in is the playroom. This is where they draw with chalk, splatter paint, mould dough and generally play with anything that’s messy. Almost impossible to keep clean, this is the place where kids are most likely to get their cute little grubby hands all over the walls, all over the furniture and all over the blinds, so you’re best not styling with expensive décor.

Instead, opt for functional items that are easy to clean such as easicare blinds.
Easicare blinds not only help to contain the mess from children’s play time, they are also extremely easy to keep free from dust.

easy as easicare2

1 – Staten Lime | 2 – Staten Lava | 3 – Staten Imperial | 4 – Unilux Flamingo | 5 – Unilux Marine | 6 – Unilux Aster

Splish, Splash, Splosh

After a long day of cooking, cleaning and stopping the kids from making more mess, what better than to take time to yourself with a long hot, steamy bath? Good for the skin, steam from the hot water opens your pores and gives you that well-deserved spa treatment – but will the saturated atmosphere ruin your décor?

Not if you use the right materials! Tiles are used to protect the walls, glass screens stop water saturating the floor and ceramic basins maintain cleanliness, so what about the windows? Finalising a moisture resistant environment are moisture resistant blinds – our easicare range is easily wiped dry with a cloth, so you don’t have to worry about extra-long showers causing damage.

easy as easicare3

1 – Albany White | 2 – Sahara White | 3 – Toro Jasmine | 4 – Toro Shadow | 5 – Albany Cream | 6 – Diva Intimate | 7 – Diva Obsession | 8 – Diva Gossip | 9 – Diva Desire

Functionally Stylish

It can be difficult to create a home that is stylish and functional. Our wide range of plain, texture and design PVC fabrics are very popular due to their practicality and style. Whether you opt for a contemporary look or more colourful décor, you can create either with our PVC range.

With a choice of white, ivory, grey or black in designs such as Metz, Samba or Diva, you can have a classic contemporary or modern metallic finish whilst gaining benefits of easy-cleaning! Opting for a more colourful look, our Unilux range offers bright feminine colours such as Flamingo; elegant colours such as Aster and more masculine colours such as Marine, to help you create your desired decorative look!

easy as easicare4

1 – Metz Black | 2 – Toro Pewter | 3 – Unilux Lime

Beyond The Fabric Box collection

To keep every room in the house different, an alternative to fabric blinds include moisture resistant venetian blinds such as Sunwood Fauxwood and Alumitex.

The Sunwood Fauxwood range is a stylish yet practical collection of faux wood blinds which emulates the warmth and richness of wood using high quality PVC. With a range of whites, neutrals and greys the collection is perfectly suited to the comfort of contemporary décor.

The Alumitex collection is an aluminium venetian range with a wide variety of design, colours and textures. With 130 options, the Alumitex collection contains neutral colours, popping colours, wood grain effects and sleek metallics. Suitable for high moisture environments, both ranges are as easy to clean as our easicare fabrics.

Fauxwood shutters are another easicare alternative. The Hampton and Nevada collections from our Santa Fe Shutter range are manufactured from HS PVC Polyvinyl (faux wood) and, available in a variety of whites and neutrals, bring practical luxury to any home.

To view the entire Fabric Box collection please visit our products page. Alternatively, for more information about The Fabric Box collection please contact us.